Video over IP

Solo have been using multiple compressed video over IP within a local netowrk since 2012 on our most major events as the statistical multiplexers we used were all IP within the system . This meant we had a steep learning curve for a time but one which fortunately was all local and therefore an ideal situation in which to experience some of the difficulties.

IP - cheap, reliable transport

Has become the popular choice for video allowing for cheap dedicated connections as it means data can cross multiple networks easily making the task of getting video from A to B easier. Existing networks can be used in a link and the ingress and egress of that data on each network can be easily handled provided certain constraints are met.

The cheapest example of video over IP is to just send compressed video via an internet connection and indeed this we have done very successfully using various equipment. Open source techniques like SRT are typically used to enhance the reliability of the video feed at some expense of overhead and latency.

Compressed V Uncompressed

Whilst uncompressed video over IP is possible, it is a hungry beast for bandwidth but of course offers the minimum of latency – ideal for remote production where the direction of the main production is truly remote. Often such productions can be accommodated by using compression at a delay which is acceptable, either due to the team at the event being familiar with the requirements and getting the shots required or the delay being so small as it can easily be worked with.


Bandwidth hidden costs

As in satellite bandwidth, more bandwidth means greater cost and also means resilience and back-ups are much harder to implement. Often as in life in general, the perfect solution is not the ideal but is a mixture of meeting demands of performance, resilience including back-ups and especially costs. A large dedicated fibre connection will allow greater flexibility and lower delays but it will also be hard and expensive to replicate for back-ups. Larger bandwidths also tend to require avoiding network configurations where contention might be experienced as networking probabilities will prevail.

IP solutions

Whatever your budget IP brings many solutions and so is very accommodating of being versatile.